Monday, November 8, 2010

Remember the Orphans

If you have been to an orphanage like our family has, you will know firsthand what I am talking about. It seems so small just to share the word about how many orphans are out there. Just talking or typing doesnt seem to do much in the big scheme of things. But I am praying that talking about it just might be the impetus for change. That others that have a heart for children will stop dreaming and start doing. If you bear with me, at the end of this post you will see a way YOU can help make a difference in an orphans life... yes you!!!!!

Yesterday was remember the orphan Sunday. Ive been trying to commit to no computer on weekends so yesterdays post is a day late.
Here it is:
I have been struggling with feelings and thoughts since returning home from Ecuador. I was so thankful that our adoption agency director called to check on us last week. I had some unanswered questions. I have this deep desire to know our daughter before she was ours.
I think its like when you are falling in love.
You want to know all you can about this special someone-your sweetheart.
Their childhood, their family and their dreams for the future........
remember those phone converstations that went on for hours.....
She is my daughter.
She has my middle and last name.
But I cannot ask her these questions.
We are gradually teaching her our language.
Giving her a way to share with us.
But for now.
I am just groping around in the dark.
I wish I could understand how she got here....
I am trying to put the puzzle together
that is a hard task......

So our adoption agency director said that I was remembering G in Ecuador correctly. Busy busy busy..... She was grinding her teeth all the time and the only vocalizations were gutteral noises she made way down in her throat.
that is the G I remember.
I remember that first day....
I was scared.
How much could she learn?
How could I help her?

But that started changing quickly. We started watching sign language videos on the laptop and playing and loving each other. We started playing little games such as pat-a-cake and eensy weensy spider..... and it seemed like she started calming down. The grinding teeth noises were replaced by quietness..... slowly but surely she was mastering signs. I found myself wondering if she was just randomly signing or did she know what she was saying with her hands??? Every now and again God would let me have a small glimpse into little G's world.
she was in there,
she really could learn.

Fast forward to now....
exactly five months from that first day......
June 7th
we loaded the plane....
flew from Atlanta to Ecuador.
We woke up early on the 8th-with very little sleep I might add
to get to the orphanage and meet her for the first time.
All this playing and learninng,
all the "love therapy".....
its paying off with HUGE dividends.
I am so glad that I didnt let my worries keep us from this journey.
Money is just money......
Yes I would be starting over again....
but motherhood at 40-something is so different than 20-something.(and its not all bad!)

THere are so many ways that you can remember the orphans.
If your family isnt in the position to adopt.
Pray, help financially,be the arms and legs of Christ.
One way you can help is go read this post and leave a comment.
That is so easy! List it on your FB or your blog. Sixseedstv will donate $2 for each comment!!!! If everyone that you know reads and comments....... we could make a HUGE difference for this family.....
you could make the difference in an orphans life TODAY!!!!!

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  1. G has come a long way!!! I remember the darker days....the days of crying...the days of waiting....and then you got the news- to GO! And now......she has made sooo much progress! Happy Days filled with a little girl who is no longer an orphan, but loved & HOME!!! :) Love hearing about it!


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