Friday, November 19, 2010

Where oh where has the week gone?

Im just saying.....
If Ive promised to call you.
Or wanted to meet you at the park.
Talked about going to the theatre together.
Talked about doing lunch "next week".
You are not the only one that I have flaked out on.
"new to mothering a 4 year old".
Being sick.
I am just treading water.

My grandpa called ysterday about Thanksgiving plans and the first words out of his mouth were,"I thought you were going to come visit me over a week ago."

I have a girlfriend that has been so so good to me over the years. Her daughter was my sons first love....... I told her I would stop by, never showed up, didnt call. Two weeks later she calls and is so so sweet and offered grace and mercy.
I just keep flaking out.

But with this cold,
and a toddler....
learned new signs and songs this week,
Ive read new books before bedtime,
and cooked supper from scratch every night but last night....
Ive played play dough,
and played with Mega blocks,
baby dolls,
drew with glowing markers,
Took G on a leaf- hunt
Reorganized Gs closet (again),
steam cleaned Sons old rooms carpets,
been on the phone with it seems like EVERYONE trying to figure out what we are going to do about Thanksgiving,(dont ask)
Gone to an airshow Thursday night......

(and watched little G as she tried to sing God bless America during the fireworks)

husbands powerlifting meet all day Saturday- he set 2 APA records!!!!

Held her while she signed "Jesus" at church with the music......
scrubbed the dining room floors twice,(dont ask.......)
Handcleaned the wool rugs by the couch,
bleached some whites in the sink,
Took down curtains to shake out the dust and wash.
took the blinds in the backroom down but they are still in the tub (ugh, waiting)......
Knit a baby hat.... well come to think of it I knit two this week to go with baby sweaters I knit....
Read a book to review....
Homeschooled E in Language arts during Gs naptime each afternoon...
Started knitting a baby cocoon ....
Stayed up till 2 am coughing 3 nights in a row......
Woke up this rning when the alarm went off only to realize that we had to leave the house in 20 mins to get to G's first OT appt. and I HAD to shower first.(I did it but it wasnt pretty)

Im just treading water people......
As I look at the list I can see that even tho I FEEL like Im not getting anything done.
I am.
I feel so human.
SO imperfect.....
If Ive neglected you,
I am so so sorry.....
really I am.....

Under His wings,

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  1. Sounds a bit like me.My apologies your way as well.But honestly,neither one of us really needs to get it.I understand completely.Time just is flying.Wish I had a way to slow it down.I don't so I'll just embrace it.

    Treading water right along with you ... at least our heads are above water,right?


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