Monday, December 20, 2010

can we be friends?

I mentioned last week that little G has a little "friend" at church. This little girl is Gs age and has a uncle with Down Synrome. She asks her mom and grandma each Sunday if she can play with little G. Last Sunday it was so so sweet to watch the two little ones in their Sunday best playing ring around the rosie at the base of the Christmon tree.(her Grandma had a camera and took photos of them. I hope there was a good one or two.) I will remember to bring my camera to take lots of photos on Christmas eve.( I might even have to buy her a little gift..... "from little G".)
WHile I was watching them play and enjoying the moment my introspective self took over. I could see all the other little girls dressed in their best exchanging gifts and hugs and I wondered.
As time goes on the gap will grow.
It will become more and more obvious how behind she is..... what will it look like when all the other little girls graduate high school and go off to college, have boyfriends and get married?
Right now she can get away with being immature.
She looks small for her age.
Its not so obvious.
What does the future look like for G.
Will she have "friends"? Little girls that will enjoy her for who she is. Little Girls that will invite her to birthday parties and share secrets in the dark with and friends that will be there when we are gone?
Then I read this post today.
Just felt like I needed to share what was on my mind.

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