Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank you

Just two little words.....
"thank you"
But those two little words mean alot especially when they are heart felt.

Scenario: Little G has her first illness. Husband was sick on Christmas with a horrible cold that is making the rounds.
Three days ago little G started with it.
She is such a pleasant child.
No whining.
No crying.
Just lots of mucus and snuggle time.
You know she isnt well when she isnt moving constantly!
She woke up from her nap early today- another sign that she is not herself.(as well as not eating with her usual gusto!)
I fixed her a cup of juice to which she jumped up and down squealing and signing "juice! Juice!" I can tell exactly what she is signing without looking because I know her so well..... the sound is like "vwhoosh vwhoosh". I put some cheese-its in her cute Ikea bowl and sat her in her beanbag to watch Sesame street. She got done with her snack and brought me the empty bowl.
Went back
watched a few mins
only to turn around
come back to sign
"thank you".
Brought tears to my eyes.
She was thanking me for her snack.

Scenario 2:
right before bed,
prayers are said/signed
a book is read
I tell her "I love you! I love my little G!"
as I press the sign I love you onto her heart.
She signed it back to me......
she cant hold the pinky up with the other fingers
I knew
she was telling me
she loved me.......

I am so blessed.
I am humbled daily.....
This is just so beautiful.

Oh, before I close for the night.... Happy New Year!!!!

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!! Happy New Year's Mommy :)

  2. You got me crying with this post sweet! And huge! Happy New Year to your and yours my bloggy friend ;-)

  3. Sorry she has been sick. But, what amazingly sweet stories you shared. Thank you. God bless, Jennifer


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