Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday catch up kind of post.....

WIth not being on the computer for the weekend it leaves Monday while little G is napping as catch up time......
We had a little warm front come through on Saturday and little G snuck outside while husband was busy. I had started a very special knitting project (after making mysef cast off two completed projects)and was still in my pjs.
I scrambled into something more appropriate and joined her.......
She had such a great time signing and saying "happy" appy.... appy appy apppy. Was SO SO cute as she toddled around. I had brought a plastic rainstick toy and her small dora ball for her to hit around the yard. She would kick it and sign "again" and before the end of playtime was actually saying something pretty close to again! We have a swing hanging in the back yard and the two of us took a break and enjoyed the warmth. She then "said"/ signed. "Again, Ball, down...." so I immediately helped her down as we were off playing with the improvised bat and ball. HUGE- three words to communicate a thought.
I have mentioned that she has gotten a little more opinionated about how and when she likes things havent I? Well, she started throwing the ball overhand and I asked her to look at what she was doing. Repeating myself over and over as she squinted her eyes and turned her head to the side. English, spanish... didnt matter. She was going to do it her way. I tried putting my finger under her chin while coaxing her to watch, look, see where the ball is going. She stubbornly pushed her jaw downwards touching her chest.I tried again. Huh?! SO I repeated my self and pushed her jaw up.Raising my voice I encouraged her to "Look watch the ball!". Next thing I knew she wasy crying!! Loud sobbing with real tears. I was in SHOCK to say the least and DH came running out of the house like something horrible happened. The only thing we could figure was that I had hurt her feelings. (I felt like pond scum to say the least.) G never cries. let me repeat, G NEVER CRIES. I can get onto her, she can fall with a good thump, skin her knees. She just sucks it up and acts like she has no feeling. ( I know if I counted it would be a total of MAYBE 5 times that she has fallen and hurt herself bad enough to cry.)
DH was so excited that she really cried over hurt feelings.
Maybe we have hit a huge milestone.......

Sunday was Church in the morning and we hardly paid any attention as we watched her sign to the music. I kept thinking I really needed to learn more words, get the music minister to let me know what we were singing that week to learn the signs in advance or find SOMEONE that could interpret for us. I know that she wont know the signs they are using but she learns so quickly and is trying so hard! They were singing and she was signing "Jesus Jesus, Hat hat hat..... baby, baby, Jesus....."You get the picture. too cute.( The hat part.... I had knit her a hat that she was proudly wearing.) I signed as many of the words as I knew, maybe every 5th or 6th word. sigh. I was embarassed to learn after service that a friend happened to be there that interprets and was watching. I mentioned to her that I was wishing she was there to sign for us...... After service we had a crowd around us again. A sweet little one was so excited to see Grace begged DH to put G down so she could play with her. I wish so badly that I had my camera with me. Two little ones playing ring around the rosie at the base of the HUGE Christmon tree in the foyer. I welled up with tears as others smiled and watched. She ended up "talking someone out of a cookie". Promptly started eating it as we made our way to the car... I could hear her over P's shoulder, "nummie nummie nummie....."
Had the older children home for SUnday night supper again. daughter surprised us with desert. We watched Extreme home makeover.... it was finally the reveal of the house in Pensacola. Daughter was blessed to be able to help with the sewing projects in the girls room. She is proud of her blue shirt. They were actually having to turn people away because so many from the community showed up to help.

I was thinking I might have to make a list of things I am thankful for.....
I didnt get it typed out over Thanksgiving Holiday.
Maybe it would be okay to regress...

I remain,
Under His wings,

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