Monday, December 6, 2010

Lazy Monday

Nice lazy day.
Hubby home sick.
Just saying a prayer that Miss G doesnt get it.
I know that she will end up coming down with Flus and viruses.
But I just wish not...
We had the kids home last night for Sunday evening supper and P fried a turkey, I made potatoes and green bean casserole..... the finale was Betty Crocker recipe for Apple Crisp. My "go-to desert". P made homemade whipped cream to top it all off.

So tonight I am making this. I hope it sits well with P's tummy.

Im making little G a Santa Baby hat from a Ravelry pattern..... cant wait to see how it comes out..... then to make baby cocoon to look like maybe a santa bag and an infant Santa Baby hat to go with it for my Friend. I got a little distracted.... was going to knit the cocoon and knew little G had to have the hat. I have two cocoons knit up, need to get buttons on one......
She begged all Sunday morning for a hat to wear.....
she is definately a hat person.
I will be happy to oblige her....
Februrary beret. A pattern I made using Elizabeth Zimmermans gull pattern.
Baby sweater and hat

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Your work is amazing.You are so absolutely talented.I am envious.I got a bit shorted in the creativity department!

    I love Lazy Monday's.Just don't have them much.Especially today ...

    Love to your little Miss G and to you her multi-talented momma.


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