Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cell phones

The funny thing about cell phones is that they wont work if the battery is dead. (meaning not charged) If said phone is put on silent mode on Sunday for church you will not know that it is not operational until you try to use it. If you are like me, it would be days later.....as you are walking out the door..... That might make an already hectic day all the more chaotic especially if you dont have a car charger......

Take it from me.
life does go on.
If youve raised a level headed teenager
He is quite capable
to check your e-mail
and facebook
to see if an SOS- for a ride for him to get to church,-since the arrival time changed last min. unexpectedly- while you have daughter at hospital having tests performed- had any replies.....so he can attend this Hillsong United concert in Birmingham, Al!

Little G did well,
the EKG two weeks ago,
EEG today and ultrasound of the heart today.(Not sure but I think it was harder on me than her. I wanted to tell them that even tho the policy was no parents during the test I NEEDED to be there.She needed to know Mommy doesnt leave....... I kept quiet tho and she saw that I came back....So did she need me? Did she need to know I wouldnt leave her when things were scary? Huh.... I wish she had more words.

Audiology appt next Wednesday.....
I start teaching art classes on Fridays next week......
this month is looking crammed to the hilt.
I feel very agitated about it.....
Praying for a clear answer to little Gs two episodes so I have no worries when I am leaving her care to others......

I will need to make sure to allow room for the things that are truely important.

Off to enjoy some quiet.

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