Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy dance

So we have a term around here called the "happy dance".
Little G does it
when husband comes home,
when brother comes home,
when Oldest daughter comes over to visit.

Ive never gotten the happy dance before.

Until today.....

Today I got the REAL,
full blown,
"happy dance".

It was a beautiful thing.

Ive waited a long time for it.

When oldest daughter called home after work today I mentioned it to her. She laughed and said, "Well mom. Of course she did the happy dance. She loves you. You just had to go away for awhile and then come back for her to do it for you too." :0) Just like oldest daughter to get to the root of the matter in such a blunt way! ha ha!
We had a good,
yet tearful,
From the heart
laugh about this.

I remain,
Under His wings,

(by the way,in case you were wondering, Art classes went well. I forget, Im teaching teen boys in a detention facility..... this is WAY different than my typical day. God is faithful. Will be teaching again tomorow.)

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  1. Happy Dance over here for you, my friend! Just think, now Grace knows that her Mommy loves her and comes back! She knows she hasn't been left -- she has a home with a mommy, daddy, brothers and sister who can all come and go but who all do return home -- to her and to each other!

    Grace & Peace!
    P.S. Make sure E videos this tomorrow so we can all see her Happy Dance for Mommy!


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