Monday, March 7, 2011

A tribute

This is actually a wall that was along a sidewalk in downtown Quito......

I took some pictures while we were in Ecuador that reminded me of a dear friend.
I think of Olivia whenever I see dandilions.....
She actually grew them in a pot on her porch.
I have let the month of February pass without doing the tribute that I had in mind.
Olivia passed away in Feb of 2008.
A brain Aneurysm.
One day she was here,
and the next she was gone.
When we were together earlier in the week she had complained of a headache.
I wish I had told her to go have it checked out.
I just had no idea.

She was so ssweet.
Such a kind heart.
She loved my family.
Jut thought the world of A, N and E.
I know she would adore little G.
Olivia was so supportive.....
When we were helping take care of Victoria.
She was there for me on A's wedding day,
helping in the kitchen.
What a friend.

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