Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

.The weather that rolled through yesterday was pretty harsh
see the great dane hiding under the table!
I was sad that Ash Wednesday services had to be cancelled because there wasnt any power. I wouldve been fine with acustic guitars and candlelight myself.(I dont think there wouldve been a need for heat or ac)
I know that its hard for others to think outside the box.....
just a thought.....

Today the sun is shining and the birds are singing.(little G too.... shes a rockstar!)
Its snapped cold again
but I dont mind the cooler weather hanging around a bit longer.
Summer will be here all too soon!

Yesterday I worked in the dark with the rain poundig on the windows.
I learned how to create a power point presentation on my own and made slideshows for little G to watch and learn how to sight read the words to each of her "signing time" videos.I was pleased with my efforts. We have never watched much television so her watching the DVDS has been a hard subject for me. I continue to offer myself some grace and treat it as "school time". Since my last count of 170+/- words I know shes learned well over 20 new words. She now asks "can I be excused" when she is done eating and my heart thrills at watching her go through her routine in sign. She will sign "bed" then "wait", then "pajamas", and "wait", then "brush teeth" and "wait"..... her sister also taught her "later". So last night she asked P for "ice cream" then immediately told herself "later".
Monday we were outside playing and she was walking very fast looking at the ground signing "grass". E came outside and died laughing. When I stopped and watched it was quite funny. "grass grass grass grass."

She started saying rabbit and its ADORABLE! sounds like "ribbit ribbit ribbit" as she signs rabbit. She loves her books. I rearranged things in her room last week and took all the board/baby books and placed them in a canvas basket that she could reach. I dont know why I hadnt thought of it earlier...... I love walking past her room to see her reading to herself, or when she toddles out and brings me a book or two saying "up up UUUUPPPPP".
Little G after Church on Sunday.

With all the learning and language I long to hear her speak of things of the heart. She had several procedures on Tuesday and I wanted so badly to know if she was scared so I could comfort her.Or even yet for her to call out, dont leave me...... I wanted to play the "poor little orphan needs her mommy card". But is that good for little G? Is it MY NEEDING TO BE NEEDED or an actual need? I wonder if she misses her tias? Or does she miss certain foods? Routines? Does she know she is different? Does she know Im her mommy.... that I will love her forever? No matter what???? I think that as time passes I will see that these questions and not having all the answers could be some of what led to anger and frustration on my part. As I am having quiet time regularly I will be able to process some of the feelings that were crammed so far down in the dark and quiet places.....

As we experience Lent.......
and grace.....
and look forward,
the past in our rearview mirror
in the distance.......
ever mindful of it
keeping the future
in our sights
as it grows

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Such adorable photos!! She looks like she is growing a lot!

    I got to plan the xmas eve service at our church...I tried to talk them into no electrical devices except a few lights as people were leaving so no one took a holiday tumble. Didn't work..even the (very, very) ancient choir had a powerpoint they wanted shown. I guess "outside the box" is a concept foreign to many. I got to give the folks in the area some credit though. They figured out a way around the no meat and fowl thing during muskrat signed off as approved eating. So, if you have a need for an alternate food source, come up for a visit and we'll take you out for a muskrat meal at the Wagon Wheel restuarant (much more hygenic then the the guy who turns over his "hot crabs" plywood sign to advertize his muskrat catch this time of year. At least I'm guessing so anyway. You might be surprised given how appealing it is, but we don't partake regardless of who caught it. :)

    It's good to read your update what your sweet girl is up to! Blessings, Jennifer


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