Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orchestra Concert

I have to post about our adventure on Sunday.
My sister's twin girls had a orchestra concert in New Orleans.
After Eric played in the Youth Praise and Worship band for both services we got on the road. I was hoping little G would nap this time. The only other trip weve taken with her was only 2 weeks after coming to America. I had hoped that she would feel more at ease with us and nap in the car. Nope. I am wondering if she thinks she is going to miss something? She fell asleep and startled away 20 mins later. She has a happy disposition so it was no problem.

We went out to eat supper at a great burger place. Sorry the name is no where to be found in my memory bank. My brother in law was able to get seats on the fourth row in the middle. Little G was entranced. She started directing, following the conductors lead. ( she has incredible sense of timing and can find the beat in any song it seems)

I was so proud of my nieces.
Theyve been playing since they were little. (they will always be little in my mind)

The thought occurred to me while sitting there.
As I watched little G's face
light up with the wonders of
new music
and new sounds......
We really are the perfect family for little G.

Under His wings,

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