Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a little shocking if you arent expecting it

I know its not the end of the world.
By far!
But I was in shock today after a phone call from my neighbor.
Remember last week?
It seems that after talking to the man in charge of the roads and bridges dept they decided to put signs on our street. This is after I expressed my thoughts and feelings.I was calling to request a speed bump on our road. I didnt think that bright yellow signs would slow the cars down any more than our already existing speed signs did.
He asked me to call them back if we changed our minds.
Go figure.......
It isnt this exact sign.
but you get the gist.
Its shocking,
when you dont expect it.

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. I don't find it shocking, Anna. If it makes one car slow down and prevents a disaster it is awesome.


  2. We're hoping for a speed bump on our street, too, and called someone about it. Also not getting it. There are a gazillion kids here, and there are people who use our street as a cut-through, completely ignoring the 15 mph signs. :-( Yellow signs are a great start! Just keep wishing for that speed bump...

  3. Kate, It was just shocking to find it was done. ;) I find things typically move slower. I didnt think it would help, but as I stood in my yard admiring its huge yellow-ness..... people did see it and slow down. My son was never able to play in our front yard or on our street. He had to walk his bike to the road behind us and play with the children there. When I speak of driving fast, I bet on any given day we have people drive 45-50 or more. THe posted speed is 20mph.


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