Thursday, February 2, 2012

Horse please?

See what happens when adopted little cutie pie says/signs "Horse please"
as she watches an older gentleman and a little boy
get on the merry go round
the bell ring and the music start playing
brightly colored horses, lights, and music.....
what more could a girl wish for?
(lil G signing horse)

Sorry for the horrible quality -
thats what happens when I wear more than one hat at a time.
(mommy and photographer)

(Happy to see teacher dance........)

Our Dance teacher called on Monday.
She had two almost 3 year olds wanting a mommy and me class.
Our teacher was kind enough to ask me
Did I mind, well I dont like sharing
But it would be good for Lil G to learn how to participate
with all the distractions of having classmates.
The class didnt go as Id hoped-
the real ballerinas had used the room before us and the floors were mopped
hear me- WET.
They turned on the heater and put us in a little room while it dried.
So not only new classmates but a different room-
We will just have to see how class goes this next week.
I am keeping an open mind.
I had just hoped to be able to move her into her age appropriate group.
Tune in tomorrow-
I cant wait to show you what Ive been doing........
in my "spare time"!

I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Oh, I just LOVE the carousel pictures!!!

    And, um, yeah, changes do *not* sit well with Samantha, either. I hope next week's class goes better!!

  2. aww! Love it! Where does she dance at? I'm looking for classes for Little Miss!! They could be lil dance buddies. :-)

  3. Yep, spare time ... oodles of that going on around here too!

    The pictures are beautiful. The one in front of the dance mirror is just amazing. Just something about it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love the mirror photo, too, Anna! Such a sweet little stance!

  5. Aww... that is just precious! Love the photos! I hope the next class goes better. Can not wait to see what you have been up to! :)


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