Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day at our house

Doncha just love when
What feels like failure......
can be redeemed?

(take for instance Christmas cookie dough- that didnt get baked)

Turned into sweet Valentine love.......

Sometimes life does get a bit messy......

Valentines day was beautiful.
Lil G had a Dr appt.
it went well,
possibly a sprain?
No orthotics or ankle braces like she wore in Ecuador.
Just keep up the dance classes-
We can handle that!!

(lil G and big brother)

We enjoyed spreading the love
in a sweet way this year.

Under His wings,


  1. I'm so glad her doctor's appointment went well!! Glad she can safely keep up the dance classes, too.

    Beautiful cookies! Did you find your cutter, or did you shape those with a knife? they look amazing. :-)

  2. I have ALWAYS failed, miserably at sugar cookies. 25 years of parenting and cooking with the kids and still, can't make them look pretty or better yet,taste yummy. Good thing the bigger girls, have mastered it beautifully.

    Love to you all and sweet G. And yeah for not skipping a beat with dance class. Do you remember the post I did with Zoey visiting the Free 2 be Me ballet class for children with Down syndrome ages 7 to 17? Well, they fell in love with Zoey so they are starting a class because of her, for children more involved and unable to participate on the level that most of the other extra chromosomally enhanced loves can! Isn't that amazing??

  3. That's perfect that you already had cookie dough ready!

  4. Aaa... lovely sugar cookies, perfectly shaped for the month of Valantine's.
    Thanks for visiting

  5. sugar cookies are not my strong point those look great! and just about the time I got better at it...we went gluten free..and then well just forgetabout-it.

    I have an art question if you don't mind....
    I have dribbled or dripped paint on the part of the paper I wanted to be white space... is there a trick to lifting it's dried.


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