Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paper Roses part 2

The second project I have been working on has taken TOO long.
Well, its not my projects fault
Its well, um
Hard being mom
and Mrs Crafty
at the same time......
Remember the coffee filter roses.(from my last link up)
Well here they are
plus a LOT more.....
Add a $5 wreath form that is 14inches

You end up with this......

See the light pink ones- four more to be painted!
( Tutorial by Jones and company- Autumn wreath_)

I know you can still see some foam,
If you look really hard.
But I missed linking up last week.....
And I just had to share.
Get some encouragement
after a week and a half of life,
and painting coffee filter flowers
and hot glue......
Come on,
I know you love it......
(I know I do!!!!)

linking up here.

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  1. Oh I love that! My mom's been looking for a Valentine wreath for her classroom but they're so expensive pre-made... maybe I will make this for her today.


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