Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wont you please be my Valentine???

Last week husband brought in the mail
there was actually something addressed to lil G.
I opened it, thinking it was junk
not even reading the return address.
So I ended up opening lil Gs

(Here is her reply)

You can read more about it here

(Wyatt asking G when they will see each other again)

We were blessed to be able to go out to dinner a few weeks ago
with a fellow Blogger and her family.
Papa Peep has been working in our neck of the woods
and oldest brother is in school locally-
while Mama and the 2 younger boys are getting the house ready
and completing the school year,
To MOVE to our area!
We had a great evening together at one of our favorite restaurants
and cant wait to do it again.
I guess Wyatt enjoyed lil Gs company
because he thought of her
when sending out valentines.

the two of them staring across the fountain at one another.......

(a little ring around the rosy with Forrest)

It would be a HUGE understatement
to say that I am looking forward to having them in our community.
Penny is so outgoing-
I struggle with that.
Our Down Syndrome Community has struggled
in the past few years
I was so looking forward to being "part of the club"
when we returned home from Ecuador.
Maybe between the two of us we can encourage the others to set aside
just one or two days a month
to connect.
Community is important.

Hope you have a blessed day!
I remain,
Under His wings

PS. Those of you on FB.
Thank you for your encouraging words.
For those of you not... Yesterday was a Dr day. Lil G went to bed Tuesday after dance class complaining with her right foot. She woke up yesterday complaining. "Ouch ouch ouch." If you know Lil G you will know She.does.not.complain. It had me pretty concerned to see her hobbling around saying "Ouch ouch ouch" with every single step. I talked to the nurse and they could see her at 1:40. I went out to the car and brought in the stroller to get her from place to place. (no re injuring mamas back!) After the Drs office we went to get Xrays from the hips down. Xrays came back fine so we are now being scheduled for an emergency Pediatric Orthopedic. I had previously shared my concerns about her poor feet, when watching her walk those ankles are so so pronated and no arches to speak of.(she had some sort of orthotics in Ecuador but they were outgrown) Looks like trouble to me. I have kept her in Stride rite shoes and I was hoping maybe dance could strengthen her ankles. I will be glad to move forward in this area.


  1. Oh, I totally missed that about Little G's foot!! Hope the pain has lessened today, and that you can find a solution soon!

    And she can totally be my Valentine!! <3

  2. you know..I never really connected the two things... but my sister...teaches dance, and she recently told me she has a little downs syndrome girl in her class...what a cutie! She said to me yesterday she wondered if the little girl really is as flexible as she trys so hard to be.

  3. Oh that Wyatt is a cutie and that picture of G at 21/2, oh, seeing that melted my heart and made me sit here in amazement, of how far she has come and the reality of her actually being here. Finally, after all that waiting.

    Love to you all and you, I don't think we are FB friends, are we? how could that be???

  4. What a sweet Valentine's! Praying for sweet Lil G and that foot!! I need to find you on facebook! Where are you? ;)


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