Thursday, May 29, 2014

A book review

So I mentioned last week that I had gotten a copy of the book, "gentle barn". 
I was so glad to get something a little different in the mail to review.
I am so sad that this book didn't live up to my expectations.
I read the book in two sittings so it's not a long and over detailed story.
I think the author has a real heart and gift for those that are broken 
and that her refuge is quite possibly a great place.
I am not writing the review to talk about any of those topics.
 ( you could look it up and research it if you are interested)
I am only discussing the book and authors writing.
Since I am quite compassionate I really enjoyed many of the subjects,
I have a daughter with special needs,
I have been teaching art in the juvenile justice system for over ten years,
I've also had many animals as pets from fish to Great Danes and goats and many in between.
I have rescued wild baby bunnies and birds but not with the success the author claims to have.
I think that if the author had a third party 
or very thorough editor
 some of the story could have been tweaked 
to explain some of the authors childhood and past yet not give as much detail.
 Sometimes less is best-
 and I believe this is one of those instances. 
It really left me needing to set the book down for awhile.
Some of the references made to her shunning her parents faith,
 having a psychic reading, 
and interactions with the animals telling her what their names should be
 also made the book less enjoyable for me personally. 
( and I don't think the book would have lost any of its integrity without these, 
possibly quite the opposite)
Of course I am not the author of the book 
and since it was written as a biography 
the author wrote it as she saw fit.
 I will rate this story 3 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Blogging for books and Harmony books for the review copy and opportunity to review this book. The review was written by me and is my own personal opinion.

On a side note: 
I picked out siding for the backside of the house! 
Husband will be picking it up today. Whoo hoo!
We are waiting for the rains to clear, things to dry out,
So the next step of the flood repairs to be complete!
Then the drywall will be hung, taped and orange peel texture
So this mama can paint!!!

                  ( this gray is too blue!!)

Excited to have my home back in order!!

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