Friday, May 9, 2014

An update & Yarn Along

I've been wanting to update my much neglected blog.
Where to start??
Only at the beginning I suppose
We've just completed another Miracle League season.
Where does the time go?!
Lil G just loves ball......
I'm So thankful for the people that give time and money
 to make this possible for families like us.

We had our IEP meeting scheduled for the Tuedsay before Easter.
I thought things were going to go well.
I had worked with the teachers outlining our requests and needs.
I recieved a call from the Liason the previous Thursday and realized, much to my dismay,
Things were not going to be that easy.
After discussing our situation at length with the private school admin and my husband 
we decided to walk away. No more drop in services.
As Lil Gs advocate I have to take all things into condsideration 
and the emotional toll is just not worth it.
We are fighting an uphill battle and just don't have the resources to get what she needs.
I am so disappointed.


We had noticed an increase in startle responses recently.
This happened two years ago before she developed epilepsy.
I had it on the list for discussion at our neuro appointment.
We didn't make it that long, on Good Friday we had to rush her to the ER with seizures.
The medication has been doubled and the following week she had a sleep study / EEG.
Of course she didn't have a startle/ seizure episode while hooked up to the monitors
But did when she was unplugged in the restroom.


Both papa and I have been able to record the startle spisodes on the camera and IPad.
Still waiting on the Neurologist to decide what our next step will be.

A few days later we experienced torrential rains and flash flooding.
We ended up with four inches of water in the addition - my sons bedroom and dining room.
We, like many people have never experienced 24 inches of rain in a matter of hours.
It was a terrifying experience to say the least.
( as I type this my husband is filling sandbags for this weekends weather - flash flooding in the forecast)
Some people, including the neighbors behind us, lost everything. We were fortunate.


We, along with many other families,  didn't have flood insurance.
FEMA has come in and we've filled out the applications.
We didn't get help with hurricane Ivan so we aren't holding our breath.
We will just repair the drywall and replace the insulation 
and carpet from my sons room as finances allow.
Our shed was under 13"  so all the equipment in that might be a loss as well.
(Generator, lawnmower, power tools, Graces bicycle trailer is a mess )


This is currently what is keeping me de- stressed.
Hope was my word for the year so I've been drinking my coffee out of this cup-
as a visual reminder. No matter what we can't loose hope!
My new Tim Timmons CD is what's on repeat right now. Really encouraging stuff.
I've also been reading a great book


I was selected to review " knowing God by name" by David Wilkerson.
What a great book!
I was raised in a Christian home and have a strong foundation for my faith and beliefs.
I loved how this book actually helps someone get to know God personally. 
I can say God. Yaweh. I Am. But those are all names and don't really reveal his true character.
Why does he even have more than one name? When you and I go to a gathering and we are introduced people now know, " hey this is * insert name here" but that doesn't describe me or give this new person any idea who I really am. This book does that about God. He has many different names throughout scripture which were used to describe his character. I found great comfort in that. When going through tough stuff, who wants a God that is far away? Who wants a God that doesn't relate? I want a God that has answers, that isn't just some random being watching me from afar getting a kick out of me getting it all wrong. ( or ready to slam a book of judgement upside my head ) Far from it! This book is written very simply so even someone that is new to their faith journey or that is just searching for answers might find comfort and Hope. 
In the beginning of the book the author reminds us that this isn't an exhaustive work of all the names of God, and that we can find more I depth research if we are looking for that. He also suggests reading only one chapter per setting to process all the information that has been given on that particular name. If you are looking for a great, easy to read book for your own personal study time, a group study,or a gift for someone this would be a great choice. Id like to thank Choice books for the opportunity to read this book and for the review copy.This is my honest opinion and I was in no way compensated for this review. I will be giving it five stars on Amazon.


In case you are wonderng, this is what I'm knitting. My mother in law purchased this many years ago to knit this cardigan. She is no longer able to knit and we visited her last Fall she asked if a I wanted to look through her yarn and patterns. I brought this home to knit up for her. It's a beautiful variegated cotton and Im planning on making the sleeves and hem longer and adding a few more buttons on it for her. 


I hope this finds you and yours doing well.


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