Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A yarn along


                                      I thought I would join Ginny and friends 
                                 over at Small things once again for Yarn along.

               The past few days I've been concentrating my efforts on tidying up some.
                     We might not have the flood repairs done for quite some time
                             but I felt the need to move things back to their place.
                                         There may be just concrete flooring,
                                                  missing baseboards, 
                                                    and cut out drywall.
             But that doesn't mean I have to live in chaos until it's all done and back together.
     We have lived in this home for ten years so I had already been itching to repaint the living areas.

                  I've been searching through pinterest, paint swatches on the computer, trends, 
                              and paint ideas that might work with my tastes.

                                          I have red, on two accent walls, 
                                             a taupe with a red undertone,
                                                    and an earthy green. 

The green is a little bright / white for what is popular. I did like it ten years ago. 
 I've been considering doing away with the green
 and having a neutral taupe which still has the red undertone throughout the house.


                 In the meantime, meaning I have awhile to decide the main color- 
                         when the drywall is repaired, I've picked out a blue.
                                In other words I got distracted.
                                I kept coming back to this color.
                                                Isn't it strange ??
                           You'd never guess I have a love for cobalt blue. 


              I purchased this small sample of " Indigo Cloth" by Valspar 
                         to put in the back of these two kitchen cabinets. 
                          ( nope, no sponsorship by Lowes or Valspar sadly) 
                      I thought I'd mention it in case anyone was interested.


                                            I think it will make me smile when I see it.
                                                               Just a pop of color.
                                ( because my house doesn't have enough already! Ha ha!)

I think that I am feeling like Im in a sort if limbo in so many areas of my life right now,
So what does an artist do?
Add some color.
That will make it feel better right?! 
( simply cannot wait until nap time!) 

I am almost done reading " the Help" 
I can't wait to start, "Undetected" by Dee Henderson.
It arrived in the mail box the other day.


I'm still knitting away at this beautiful cardigan for my mother in law.
Of course all the rows of stockinette are driving me batty.
I've been trying to knit four rows per night and hope to divide the front and back soon.


                                           I hope this finds you enjoying Spring -
                                                    lovely new colors to enjoy!

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  1. when faced with miles and miles of stockinette stitch, I knit during tv shows that are talky talky. Then I can watch listen and knit all at the same time. Makes the knitting go much faster :) lovely knit and your mother in law is one lucky lady!


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