Friday, May 16, 2014

Just a little pop of color

I mentioned on Wednesday 
I have been looking at color swatches 
so when we get to the actual painting part of the flood repairs 
I would be ready. 
While I was plundering around 
I kept falling in love with this color called " indigo cloth". 
I kid you not, looking at reds 
and a suggested color combo would have that color to coordinate with it.
 I was looking at colors for my bathroom and there it was!
Looking at a gray, and there was indigo cloth again.
 I made a list. 
I was not looking for a bold color!
I needed a color for the entire house, plus the flooded areas.

                                                        A list. On paper.
                                  Yes, an old school way of trying to make up my mind.
                                           I am sure there are easier ways to do this.
                                 But I find comfort in feeling my pen on a scrap of paper 
                                          physically scratching the  things off that list.
                                              Of course, that color was in the mix........
                                             So while I was out mailing a painting 
                                I added stopping by the home improvement store to my list

                                  What should my wandering eyes see while there?
                                             A paint chip set for Spring 2014.
                                                            Inside...... Yup.
                                                               Indigo cloth.



This little painting.......
 A family recently adopted and ended up with unexpected expenses.
They had  a virtual yard sale. 
I decided, I might not live close by,
but I do have something I could share. 
So I posted a painting and offered to mail it to whoever purchased it. 
The lady that purchased my painting has a love for trees so it will have a happy home. 
This gives me Hope, 
something that gives me joy and fulfillment can be used to make a difference!  

                                          ( this years first hydrangea blooms)

Really listening to my inner self and trying to take some forward steps. 
I've been posting little paintings on my FB page.
 I get such a thrill at how much my little birds bring joy to others.
 My friends have shared stories of hummingbirds and cardinals.
They felt Gods presence when one would light on a branch close by.  
specific flowers or a butterfly would hold meaning in their life 
because it was a favorite of their mother or friend. 
Or an experience they had would connect with a visual - 
This is Hope.

                                                       So, my friends,
                                      What inspiration have you found lately?
                                     Have you been keeping your eyes open?
                                                         I hope so!
                                             There is always room for Hope.


  1. Love your tree painting! I also love that Indigo Cloth. It really makes those dishes pop!

  2. Listening to our inner selves. Yes to that. visiting via last weeks In The Studio link up. Your art is wonderful!


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