Saturday, May 24, 2014

A sneak peek

Not sure if you've been following long enough to know we were flooded a month ago.

                   We are in the middle of repairs so my drafting table looks like this.
                                Everything is coated in a layer of drywall dust.


  I thought I would share a quilt I found while cleaning out my closet the other day.
I started working on it 9-10 years ago.
( I was at the antique store awhile ago and it reminded me of this project.)
It's a little more time consuming than I expected.
I had hopes of making it big enough for my queen sized bed.
We shall see..........

                                      It's called a yo yo quilt.
                                  First you make all the yo yos


               When grandmother made yo yos - it seems like it was forever ago,
                       She drew out a circle on the lid from a tub of butter 
                                        And used that as a template.


I found this handy little gadget at the quitting store.
Basically the same principle of a rotary cutter that cuts circles.
Then you hem the circles and draw up the sewing thread.
I don't have a count but there are hundreds of them.


I remember seeing where you could buy them on eBay and thought I would order white ones for a border. I've already completed several rows and its a nice break from the sweater I've been knitting.

That's what's going on in my " studio".
Have you recently pulled out an unfinished project?

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  1. How wonderful to find such a fun project! So sorry about your flooding. So not fun!


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