Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night we did a run through of our Thursday night plans. That is the night I get to go knit with my peeps. We tried it once but Im having a hard time remembering how long it takes to get ready and out the door..... so we met at a gas station along the way. This time it worked perfectly. G came to knit with me for about 30 mins so the ladies could say hi, then P came over after working out at the gym just around the corner. (she did the happy dance for him- so cute! you should see him glow!) I had supper ready so they went home together, ate supper and played.

I arrived home a little after nine. He had just tucked her in bed and told me to go in since she would still be awake. I loved on her and asked if she had fun with daddy. "Did you play toys?Did you have fun with Daddy?" She started signing and I thought,"yeah here we go." thought nothing of it really.(it seems like every chance she gets someones complete attention she has to sign through all 40-something signs) But she kept singing Ball and I just nodded and smiled. "yes G, ball..... pelota" She signed potty so I took her in, knowing he probably just took her.(but if you are a seasoned mother you know to NEVER ignore that!!!) Put her back in bed and kissed her. I fixed myself some supper and sat down to eat and watch the last of the seasons finale of Gray's and this is what I saw on the floor:
Took my breath away.
Tears streaming down my face........ Ball.
G had something really important to tell me.....
They played with the ball.......
Still just chokes me up.......
have I told you how much I love being a mother lately?????
really..... I do......

I remain,
Uner His wings,


  1. Awwww....tooo cute! I love being a mommy too- I think we need to form a club :) Those who LOVE being a mommy :)

  2. Count me in the club...I love being a mommy too! So grateful for the privilege! Sweet post Anna, thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. What a gift!!! Communication...real communication! I'm so excited! Yay!!!

  4. It is so cute! You are a great mom. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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