Saturday, September 25, 2010


Grwoing up I can remember being called a chatterbox.
Can you?
Here's what little G had to "say" on the way home last night.
We went out and about and were returning home past her bedtime.
I think she was trying to keep busy so she wouldnt fall asleep!
The conversation went like this, but not EXACTLY mind you:
"dOG,bird, drink,baNANA, dOG, dOG, hot, HHHot, HHot,stop, eat, baNANA, apple, ba you get the picture.
A half hour ride...... the sounds are bold.
It was a quiet ride home
but little G had a lot to say!

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Okay .... how did I not know you were here???I am absolutely blown away!!All this time I am thinking you have gone into hiding just living it up with your miracle G!!!

    I am so,so sorry.Really crappy friend I am.And look what I have missed.I have so very much to catch up with.A ton in fact.I'll be back .. that is if you 'll let me!


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