Thursday, September 9, 2010

can a brag a bit????

These were taken at the park on Sunday.... Had a great time!

Little G had her first Drs appt. She did so well..... we could tell she knew how to act at the Drs office. (fake sneezing included.... sigh.) The Dr wanted blood to get a base line for thyroid and the other basics. Ended up needing to stick her twice. Remind me next time- left hand! Hardly even know she was being stuck. I had a hard time figuring out which song to sing with her because all of them are game/ handplay songs.ha ha!We sang Jesus loves me. Was sweet. The Dr joined in with us. (Ive never had the actual Dr draw the blood either.)
I was disappointed though. I thought we woud leave the Drs office with all these plans and things we needed to do. I told P of my disappointment. He said it was because she agreed with everything we were doing. Its all good. Intead of being relieved I felt odd. Thank you dear husband for setting things straight and telling it how it was.
Our new total is 42!!!! THROWING CONFETTI!!!! The most exciting part is that she is really using them in context! She really is telling us her needs and even makes up signs to suit her needs. (we had pizza and G signed "more cheese bread please" WOW!!!!)She picked up a ball to throw for the dogs and was signing ball while she was trying to hold the ball!Multitasking! ;)

here are the new words:
27. candy
28. day
29 night* ni-ni
30. socks
31. Banana * (naah-naah)
32. turtle
34. donkey
36. together
37.teddy bear
38. dirty (I told her we needed to brush her teeth and she signed dirty!!! YAY!)
40,ice-cream (helado)
42. help

we can also add that she is trying to verbalize thank you- (Koo-koo)
She covers her mouth and tries to say excuse me shen she burps, quite frequently I might add. I think its because she drinks with her tongue. Like a baby drinking a bottle.
PLUS weve figured out that she knew head shoulders knees and toes, ring around the rosie and if youre happy and you know it...... I think I already mentioned that she knew Jesus loves me. I sang that with her in Ecuador.

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