Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sign language update and other misc. thoughts

Im sitting here enjoying the quiet while little G naps.
Yes, I enjoy naptime. I get almost giddy at the thought that she is going down for a nap and even have days that I count down the minutes. I dont say that in a bad way. please dont think less of me. I look forward to having my quiet time with the Lord, reading a book or two, knitting, and catching up on my e-mail or blog list. Sometimes I get to wandering around from one blog to the next and find some treasures. I find myself feeling guilty for enjoying these simple things but as a mother of a child with a certain special-ness I am finding I have to do some things that I enjoy and restore my spirit. You know the part that makes me who I am......
Then little G gets up in the morning she is ready to rock and roll WAY before I am. P brings her into my bed and she will lie with me signing away, sometimes louder than others. Weve joked that she can be a motor mouth in the car and we dont hear a peep! ha ha!My goal tho is working on communication.... opening those closed doors. That requires alot of work on my part. I am talking talking talking all morning, signing and trying to put actions with words and signs. Over emphasizing sounds.... Im not exactly sure how the speech therapists do it, but Im giving it my best effort and thankfully seeing HUGE results. Ive mentioned before the grief that washes over me. Why why why did we have to wait so long. Why couldnt Grace communicate before we came along? She is so so smart. Its just not right. Im not trying to blame God or anyone. I just feel such deep grief. I am glad that I am finding these emotions and the anger that Ive had bottled up is finding its way out..... these feelings that God created.... how to give them names and therefore heal in some small way. For me to ask Grace a question and instead of her stare at me blankly I am given a firm "NO!" yes... the dreaded word...... maybe there will be a day that I am not liking it so much, but for now...... honey to my heart. She yelled at the great dane the other night. Reese likes to get into a barking fit every now and again. Most of the time tattling on Max the Golden retriever for lying on her pillow. Anyhow, Reese was barking and barking..... G yelled "GO!" signed go and said shhhhh signing it. She also signed stop....... I found a toy at the consignment shop before we brought G home and pulled it out the other day. A leap frog magnetic letter/ sounds player. The first day she couldnt work it on her own. Over and over we picked a magnetic letter pushed it in and listened to the song. Ive placed a stool in the kitchen so that she can play while Im cooking. Such fun..... and yes....now she can do all the functions on her own. I found an incredible tricycle too and yesterday pulled it out so she could take it for a spin. I showed her how to push one pedal at a time, kept telling her Forte for strong..... Im thinking it wont be long before she has it mastered.
Today, while watching her video she squealed with delight when we signed bicycle..... just like she did the other night when her repeated signs for ice cream produced the real thing. (Im that excited that she can now come find us and sign potty! We just hit the landmark time that we arent having to remind her every two hours and take her. Now she hunts us up waving that sweet chubby fist) Im not sure where this journey is going to take us.... but I am so glad that were on our way!

Under His wings,

as of 9/13:
43. stop
44.go *
47. no *
52. hot *
53. cold

today's count....hold your hat folks..... this is scary good!!!!
56. dry
57. wet
58.pig she says oink oink
59. goat -its a hard sign
65.wash hands
71. and can you believe Ball wasnt on a list yet?!

ive not added all the signs because I wait until I am sure she is actually using the sign and knows what it means. Having numbers next to all of them is just mind boggling for me. I think I need to go take a nap!

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  1. Just sweet music to my ears to hear how well she is doing. And don't beat yourself up over liking nap time- it is time to restore yourself so you can be a great mommy!!!

    Love seeing her progress. And she is HOME!!! How awesome!!! Still blows my mind...just excited :)


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