Thursday, September 23, 2010


I want to share a discussion I had with my daughter yesterday. Let me tell you that A is a best friend of mine. Since she is so much like her father she is a perfect compliment to me. Plus since she is a part of my family she "gets me", she knows my baggage, knows my past...... she is also studying to be a special ed/ elem ed teacher and LOVES learning.
So I asked her,
this might be random,
a conincidence,
this is what G did,
what do you think.
Here is the story:
I mentioned I have a leap frog magnetic fridge toy that you put the letters in, G was not speaking when we adopted her. So this is a great tool to use in language development. Ive been playing WITH Her alot. She needs to see our mouth moving to learn how the words/ sounds are made.(she also places her hand on my throat when Im talking... very sweet at church when we are singing hymns) We sat and played and I got the letter B out. It sang the song about the sound the letter made and I kept repeating it.
I said," B makes the sound buh." "Buh... baby."
She signed "Ball".
I said ,"YES G Buh... Ball".(while almost falling on the floor with heart failure)
"Buh... Baby."and so on.
P Was offended that I thought it randomly happened that way.
A just wasnt sure but also wanted to believe there was NO WAY it would be a conincidence....
what do you think?

Then just a bit ago G came and found me reading my bloglist and signed,"Shoes, socks, bicycle, want."
Could this be for real?!
Really, my mind cant comprehend that she was really putting words together to tell me that she wanted to go out and ride her bicycle......

speaking of which.... B... buh.... bicycle begins with B......

We're going out to play.....
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. I do NOT think that's coincidence! G is a smart cookie and she is really catching on! I love it!

  2. I say she is just that amazing!!! She just wanted to wait for her mommy to get to teach her everything :)


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