Thursday, January 20, 2011

Husbands surgery

My husband is healing well after his ear surgery last week. We've gotten pretty good at it. He has been having these ear surgeries for over five years.Sorry Ive lost count, first the right ear since it was symptomatic...... then the left. We were hoping that this would be the last one.(it had regrown so we arent where we thought wed be) The Dr will do a CT scan in a year to see if the cholesteotoma has grown back. If not, we are done. I think he was hinting at tweaking the prosthetic bones in the other ear to see if we could get better hearing. Its up to husband. He has been wearing a hearing aid for a year now because you cant do surgery on one ear if you cant hear out of the other. ;) Once the packing has dissolved in this left ear I should be able to whisper sweet nothings again! Ha ha! I am so soft spoken that its an adventure around here..... many times hes said "huh?" before Ive even completed my sentence. I promise.... I have NOT been praying for patience. Basically he inherited poor working Eustachian tubes, chronic ear infections, cholesteotoma set in..... its rarely seen anymore because of antibiotic use and aggressive treatments with tubes in ears etc.

I would like to ask for prayer.....
while he was home recuperating some things happened at his work.
Since he is the one in charge.......

I cannot share details because, well....
this is the Internet and ....
I'm not being dramatic here.
Thankfully my stomach doesnt feel like someone is driving a hot spear in it today.
Sometimes working in government positions can be very unnerving......
I trust the Lord.
He is my shield and defender.
I trust Him.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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