Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!

Let me start off by telling you I posted this morning on my other blog.
That blog is just about our adoption and how little G is doing. Simply amazing to say the least.

This blog however was the place it all started.
Just a place to journal the meanderings,
wandering of my soul
and heart
as we navigated the journey to our little one......
and the faith journey that was what I believe, what it was all about.

Ive been picking little G up alot. One of the things she says real well is "up" while holding her arms outstrectched. I know she is no lightweight. Last time I weighed her she was 42 lb.

Many tmes it looks like this,

I am sitting on the couch knitting in my favorite spot. Grace holds her arms out nad says,"Up". use your imagination. see the movement that my back makes, in a seated position with her standing on the floor.......

yesterday I knew that enough was enough and really made a point of her using her step stool to get on the toilet and climbing up the sofa on her own. (I need one more step stool to put by her bed to help with that process.)

For some reason this morning while we were trying to wake up and rocking in the chair she obviously had a stomach ache and I scooped her up and went running to the bathroom, it was the last straw for my back. (she is fine, has incredible self control and just gagged and coughed.Dont know what was going on or why..... it was a passing thing I guess because her breakfast of yogurt an hour later sat just fine.)

But my back.....
I hear you loud and clear,
no more picking little G up.

I remain,
seated on the heating pad,
Under His wings,

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