Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surprises.... part two

Yesterday I posted about a few "God hugs" I recieved. My bloggy friend Connie has mentioned how much they enjoy the pictures of little G. So I thought I needed to get a pic of her signing surprise. Well little G had something else up her sleeve. We have been working on learning so much lately, one of the things is learning her colors. Her favorite "Signing times" video is number six,"My favorite things" This video introduces the color names/signs,Family, food signs and has some really great songs. Its the one she asks for the most. Ive also been coloring with her and telling her the "name of the color" Reading several books with names and items catagorized by color, and when she does the shapes in the shape sorter I will comment the red square etc. (all throughout the day, oooh I like your pink boots, Grace has a pretty purple dog.....)Up till today she has simply looked at me blankly when I have asked the names. But I repeat it and sign it, then she follows along.
So...... as I was taking pictures trying to get her to sign surprise she starts coloring at her easel. She picks up the orange Christmas tree crayon and SIGNS ORANGE! I about fell on the floor, started crying etc! I then asked her to color with the green one, she picked the green crayon up and signed green and so on all through

Little G knows her colors!

I am just so humbled......

Under His wings,

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  1. Way cool! Yes, I DO love all the pictures, and seeing you pour your love into this precious daughter of yours who seems to soak up sooooo much. The love of God is made visible in vibrant color at your house! The Lord bless and keep you.


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