Friday, January 21, 2011


kleenex.... check
cough meds....check
wool socks.....check

Our oldest was home sick all week,
running a temp.
Girlfriend has Son at urgent care as I type this, he missed work yesterday- yes from the new job. She said his temp was better today, I dont think they have a thermometer because at the Urgent Care it was 102.5- they gave him tylenol while they wait to be seen. I woke up this morning before P was up, and that means REALLY early, feeling like there was a knife in my eyeball and that side of my face pounding, nose running like faucet. Fell back asleep but once I was awake every time I lifted my head off the pillow the room spun like a top.

Of course little G gets none of this..... bouncing in the bed signing and giggling and kissing.....(on the cheek of course)

We are up and dressed.
I fed her breakfast,
four cups of juice,
potty- go figure after four cups of juice.
Shes signed happy numerous times like she does when she is trying to figure out my mood. (thankfully she hasnt signed grouchy at me!!!!)

She is in her room
watching signing time
playing with her Mega blocks.

hoping tomorrow doesnt bring fever and more yuckiness for Mama
or worse yet.....
little G.

Under His wings,

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