Wednesday, January 19, 2011

last week......

I felt bad that I distanced everyone around me.
My husband had surgery.
He gets in a mood when I am on the phone and he is home, when I type away for hours on the computer. I just needed to be available.After being married this long I have learned how to hurt him. Being married is a give and take and I am glad that we both give and take to make it work......
It felt good to let the world just keep on doing its thing without me. ;)

I think,
as we add things to our life we can still find emptyness lurking in the corners. All the noise,
cell phones
and texting
just crowd out that still small voice that my heart and soul long to hear.

That is one of the biggest things I learned through our adoption journey. To just be still and quiet and know that people would have to understand that I had to be still and quiet. The only way I could function and get out of bed each day was just turn my face and heart towards heaven and let him pour his spirit into all the empty places.......


  1. “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

    This has served me well over the years.Steven Curtis Chapman has a great song with this title.

    So easy to get caught up in the distractions around us.I have to really be conscience of the wasting i do getting lost in the list you mentioned.When my time could be well spent other other places,doing other things.

    I walked into a smoothie place the other day,stood there and looked around:4 people using their phones in various ways.Looked outside,another 3,doing the same.Some standing or sitting with another person and attention was on the technology.How much do we miss of human contact or stillness,when we are caught up in our phones,computers,etc.

    That was kind of a tangent.Sorry.

    Hoping P is doing well after his surgery.

  2. Heather, you are welcome to get on a tangent with me any time. ;) I am trying so hard to teach these things to my children.

    You asked about P. He is healing well. I will post about it tho'. We need some serious prayer.


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