Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday supper

Had a busy week, Husband had ear surgery - was home just chillin and moved E into the back room. Ive already mentioned the issues I have with my teenagers and the back room. It was alot of work. I already steam cleaned the carpets once N moved out. So the chores were to be done in E's room. Our dog princess sleeps with E and let me just say that JRT's shed ALOT. I shouldve been making him lift the mattress/boxsprings in his room and getting under his bed once in awhile. Add the dog hair and dust together and my allergies freaked out in a big way and the muscle soreness in my right arm up into my neck layed me out. We stayed home from church.

Miss G force was glad to see N and his fiance. She was a copy-cat and had us all laughing. Please ignore the quality. I had a camera on my Christmas wish list but I got little G instead... much better dont you agree???? I have two problems. With apoint and shoot there is a lag between pushing the photo and it taking the picture. THEN when Miss G sees the camera all cuteness is shut off. The end. SO, I snuck in with the camera behind my back, but she knew, I know she could tell something was up. Id take a picture and then put it in my lap out of sight. Then when I pulled it out she would quit. This is the best I could get. She is a mess.
I had a box packed for N after we cleaned out his closet. I hope he finds something that he might find useful in there....... We found misc. clothes, spare socks, odds and ends...... and his Bible. Daughter and I knit on our Special Olympic scarves after supper was cleaned up and we watched an old western together. My young adults were tired, son in law has been working all weekend and had to go in again today. My daughter, his wife, started teaching and has to be out the door EARLY to get to work every day. Middle son starts his new job and had worked all nights for the weekend but got up early so he could sleep last night and start on day shift. Was sad to see them all leave at 9:30. If this was hard on my mother, like it is on me, she hid it well.....
We made two Rachel Ray recipes for Sunday Supper...... I have to share the recipes. These, one and two, would get six out of five stars in my book.... that isnt a typo. It was really really good. Wasnt hard. Just making sure we had all the ingredients was the hardest part. Husband got in the kitchen with me and we worked to get it on the table.
I will miss him when he goes back to work tomorow.
Have a blessed week dear friends.
I remain,
Under His wings.....

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