Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a big ole Hug.....

Today started off being a non-typical regular ole day. We had to get out the door mighty early for me to take E to the Dr. Thankfully his jaw wasnt broken. :) Dear husband went off to work today after being home from his ear surgery, it seems like hes been home forever..... weve spent so much time together this year. What with our five weeks in Ecuador, he took time off when little G came home and then for Christmas since wed thought his parents were coming. Then he was sick with what seemed to be the flu the week after Christmas, then a week for this surgery. Ive enjoyed seeing his face, having him at the table as we eat breakfast. This is the man that NEVER, I repeat never takes off.
Today was a day to be back to normal except for the Dr appt. But the early start threw little Gs day off a tad. She was asking for lunch at eleven fifteen and at noon kept asking," up, up, up" Once I picked her up she signed "sleepy, and said/signed Bed, ni-ni, nap, then started waving her fist to go potty." that was a mouth full!!! Someone was asking to go down for a nap.

God proceeded to give me a big ole hug,
a phone call from a friend,
a card from a new friend,
a book from one of my bloggy friends......

What a sweet sweet book. "Just the Way I am. Gods Design in Disability." by Krista Horning

On the way to the Dr office K-Love was discussing God surprising us......... makes me laugh...... that he did! (you should see little G's face when she signs SURPRISE! Its one of my very favorite signs......)
I hope God surprises you this week......

I remain,
Under His wings,

PS. as I was taking pitures for todays post I got another HUGE SURPRISE! To be continued.....


  1. I love surprises and your day was a beautiful example of the simple things that translates into what it is all about.

    My surprise ... not to jinx it,I have only shared with one other person but... Miss Z ate 3 times today!!3 bowls of at least 25 bites a piece.Surprised and hopeful.Perhaps my girl will eat once more!Praying for it.I'll keep you posted and can't wait to hear about your other surprise!

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed the book, so glad! I'm looking forward to knowing what your huge surprise is...guess I gotta keep watchin' :-)


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