Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A letter to my daughter- down syndrome awareness month day 3

My darling Lil G,
      Just like you have come into my life
to teach me some important things,
like reminding me how to laugh at myself-
 don't take life so seriously.

 How to never say, "I can't" but to try,
and try again.

if I hear music and feel like dancing, dance!

You are teaching me how to be brave,
when there are doctors
  nurses and needles
and things I don't quite understand,
they mean well
and are trying to help me feel better.

How there's always enough to share,
Even if it's the last Oreo, frnch fry,or chip
It can always be broken in half

 the sun doesn't always have to be orange
or yellow,
 I can paint it green or blue.

You are teaching me
every stranger isn't someone to be feared,
but can actually be a very nice person!
A cheerful smile and " hi! Howudooooin?" can really make someone's day!
( Lil G holding hands with a friend in the orphanage)

you are teaching me
 my clothes don't have to be so matchy matchy, 
its okay to wear vibrant purple, 
or a rainbow colored scarf in the middle of the summer. 
You are teaching me 
we don't have to out grow board books,
 snuggle time, naps.

I hope that when you are grown 
I will have taught you the things that are most important,
 how to say no .
How to chew with your mouth closed
 and say excuse me when you burp.
 to  brush your teeth every morning
and each night before bed.
I want you to use your manners-
 please and thank you.
I want you to have a strong faith ,
 to know you were created with a purpose
and your life has meaning.
I want you to be able to read good books
and enjoy a good story,
  I know that might not be possible with your vision impairments.
So, if we've tried and tried again,
 I hope that you can enjoy books on tape
and love being taken on an adventure through the written word read aloud.
I hope that every night when you close your eyes,
warm memories flood your mind
that you know deep in your soul that my love for you is unconditional,
 that I was not perfect but taught you how to say sorry, and really mean it. 
That you then fold your hands and
count the blessings each day,
 there is always so much to be thankful for!
 I want you to have learned 
 how we show respect.
And last but not least,
 do your best.
I dont expect anything more than that.

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  1. Beautiful post, for a beautiful girl.

    p.s. you can "schedule" the timing of posting your blog. You can schedule it for the future, or for the past (apparently!). Last night was the first time I tried it...ta-daah!! The "schedule" thingy is to the right of the screen under "Post Settings". Shhh! It's a secret!


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