Monday, October 22, 2012

Down Syndrome and Bicycling

We have been working in teaching lil G hw to ride a bicycle.
Everything has seemed to come to halt this past summer.
So I put her little tricycle in our yard sale.

She had really outgrown it physically
So we were looking at these types of bicycles

or even these coasting bikes.
 Here is a little about them here and here.

with the newly diagnosed epilepsy
It seemed like this ability was being pushed further into the horizon
Now we add visual impairment to the list
I am not sure if, 
or when lilG will be able to have a lens transplant

It does seem like riding a bicycle on her own
 may not be in her future tho.

I've been wanting a bicycle for several years now
So this week I pulled out the computer 
and started researching options.
Since its Down syndrome awareness month I thought I would make a list of the options I have found
That way , my fellow readers could find what they are looking for,
or maybe just a little direction,
In one easy place.
It seems like what I have in mind won't be in our budget 
anytime soon.....
Newfound freedom, for mommy and Lil G.
It would be thrilling since I live really close to the heart of all the action in our little haven.
Two big box stores, my favorite grocery and the theater.
Then you add the fact that we have BIKE TRAILS!

First I started looking at child carriers for the front then the back.
My concerns with these two options are:
Lil Gs size and weight
Safety- I haven't ridden a bicycle in ages and can't even think of causing her more harm.
These are some of the child seats I looked at in one place
Next I started looking at trailers
I just don't like this idea
But if I did this chariot side carrier is awesome
I would want her closer to me 
so we can enjoy the ride together.

Roland add+bike

I also found this co trainer  and an add+bike 
which someone else might like for their situation.

Then I stumbled upon cargo bikes

Here is
Joe bike
Now this is speaking my language.
I love this xtracycle.

Xtracycle Family Solutions

Xtracycle Family Solutions

I could see us riding to the store
How normal we would look
Plenty of room for Lil G and groceries
I love the low center of gravity -
 less possibility of accident for mama!
This blogger did a thorough write up about these cargo bikes.

I've also found this Buddy bike
It's basically a tandem bicycle 
with an extended handlebar and low front seat
This would be a great option when life looks better for us.
 I don't think it would be safe in our current situation. 
Her current medications cause anxiety 
when exposed to loud noises
 ex: garbage truck, motorcycle,
 loud cars/trucks, dogs. 
She lacks balance so I don't think I could even put her on the seat. 
I saw a great tab on the buddy bike 
 that lists ways to find funding.
I might try contacting some of these organizations locally.
 I really believe it would give her an opportunity to experience more of our beautiful community 
and would be a great bonding experience.

Ive also edited to add a program called 
"lose the training wheels"
They are hanging their name and 
their program a bit to add gymnastics 
an swimming. You can read about that here.

I also wanted to add a few links to training wheels 
I found these several months ago 
when I was looking at options.
These and this link about balance & disability. has a whole list of bicycles
and training wheels under the mobility tab.

I hope this helps one if my readers in searching for just the right option for their little one~
If there is something else I missed
give us a shout out!


  1. Heve you ever heard of dont know where you are located..but it is an organization that goes all over the country and sets up a camp and teaches children with Down syndrome how to ride a bike with no training wheels...

    1. Hi Kristi! Ive not heard of this. Right now, for the forseeable future actually riding a bike would be an impossiblity for Lil G. Mostly because of her sensitivity to noise. She comes unhinged at the sounds of loud vehicles and motorcycles inside the house! Today our neighbor had a shop vac they were using in their vehicle. She was a wreck. When we went taking pics a few weeks ago several had to be deleted because either a truck or motorcycle drove past and the road was quite a distance away from where we were. The next item on our list is her vision impairment. I am not sure how safe it will be for her to actually be the one steering a bicycle. Thats why I like the other options I mentioned. Before the seizures and visual impairment we were well on our way to pushing forward in bike riding 101. I am glad you mentioned this for our other readers for sure!


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