Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shopping for toys - Monday and Tuesday

I spent several hours doing  " research" for toys for our little G.
Her seventh birthday is only a month away
Then exactly a month from then is Christmas.
I can't believe what I found.
I'm hoping I can convince papa.
He is of the mindset 
 if a little girl has a few dolls 
why would we buy more?
When I was growing up 
we were given a new baby doll every Christmas.
There are some great Options for this year.

Checkout our Newest Asian Baby Doll - Happy Birthday Nischi! This adorable Chinese Baby Doll is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked GentleTouch™ Vinyl and measures 21 inches from head to toe.

These look like she did as a baby but aren't an option really.
 They are A.Dor.Able. 
But seem more like collectors dolls 
than ones for a little girl to play with.

Wasnt she the cutest little baby!
Oh how I wish I wouldve been able to love on that lil Munchkin!

Dolls from Around the World

Not sure how I feel about this doll.

the two girls in the middle........

Karito Kids Pita From Mexico

 it looks like this doll is hard to find,

 manufacturing issues.
 she is really pretty tho.

Corolle has a few options

I love this one


This one

Lou by Corolle is a sweet 14 inch Asian girl doll!
This one

I found these dolls when searching
 "almond shaped eyes"
 at Am*erican G*rl dolls:

This is cute.

Im thinking this set is my favorite.
We could always give her the girl with Birthday 
and the boy for Christmas. I love these.

the little boy makes me think of  Gs little boyfriend
at the Orphanage.
You can see he is wearing her glasses here 
and they are exchanging kisses!
He was adopted just a few months before Lil G
His older sister was volunteering at the orphanage while we were there!
and he is sporting an extra chromosome too!

This is the last one from Am*rican girls.
The only drawback is her short hair!

As well as this one

I also found a discussion of mamas 
at Baby center (didnt know about this place!)
 it seems like Im not the only one with the 
Same. Exact. Idea.~ 
mamas looking for baby dolls
 that resembled their little ones with Down Syndrome.
 Since Grace has similar colorings to other cultures
 that commonly have almond shaped eyes
 many of the babies I found look like her.
 Im sad for the blond haired blue eyed little girls
 that have Down Syndrome. 
Do you think it matters that the eyes are shaped differently? 
Does it matter to your daughter????
 I was wondering if Am*erican g*rl dolls could be made to look more like the little beauties with Down Syndrome
 without messing them up 
like another "down Syndrome baby dolls"  
 I was wondering if taking the mold to one of these dolls I have chosen with almond shaped eyes
take Ivy for instance......
 and changing the eye color
 and hair color would work?
 The moms on the board I linked to have e-mailed the company and have commented about getting a standard form letter in reply.
 I am thinking about calling them personally. 
(there is a number 1-800-360-1861)
One of the moms had the same idea I did.
seems straight forward.
I thought you could do that......
But each time I tried to design my own doll 
it showed me a list of dolls that were already made.
 I was wondering if several of us called and mentioned these ideas the company might listen?
 They do actually offer hearing aids, glasses, 
and many other devices for dolls.
 Im not seeing why they might hesitate if enough people cared.

 I truthfully dont think G will care if her baby looks "just like her". I had a baby doll that looked Asian and she was my favorite. in fact I might need to go unpack her and see what Little G thinks.

While we are on the subject of toys

I had some shopping to do after dinner last night
after all the doll searching.......
When I returned home last night I was told that her "cat piano "

Was no more.
RIP meow-sic.
Symphony in B musical toy.

I had found a perfect gift that I wanted to tuck away for Christmas by the same company.
We love their toys!

These two toys were created by B toys.
purchased at Targ*t
You can read an incredible post here 
about their philosophy and mission!
We own three soon to be four of their toys
plus I love to purchase them as gifts as often as possible!
Papa is of the mindset that we need to replace the piano

 with the same toy.
But after two years, Im still on the fence.
We know its durable and that she will love it.
but I dont know if I can stand more "cat music".
What about you,
have you started shopping?
Are there any toys on your list?
Toys in the toybox your child couldnt live without?
share with us.....
inquiring minds want to know.....
(sorry this post took 2 days!!!!

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