Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What the F ?!

Did I get your attention?
Good. Ha ha!
Today I wanted to share about handwriting.
We've chosen to use Handwriting without tears at home.
The past few years I have poured over blogs 
and books and magazines.
I like to be educated on various topics when it comes to the health and education of my peeps.
I kept coming back to this handwriting program
 and decided it was what we needed.
Typically I don't spend $100 on one subject.
So this was a tough decision for me.
I checked out eBay and found a preK set so bid on it.
It finally was winding down to crunch time
 since their "sale" is over at the end of the month.
But I started thinking,
Dontcha hate when that happens!
I thought to myself.
"Some of this doesn't have to be so expensive."
I just love a challenge.
 I put on my big girl panties and got started.
I knew I had seen little slates at the local hobby store.
Road trip!!!
I picked up a box of chalk on clearance  for .77
some was broken and the box was taped together.
I figured I'm talented enough to break the chalk
 into approx 1 inch pieces. 
What do you think?
They use little 1 inch sponges for some of the techniques 
so I thought I could purchase a sponge 
and go at it with a pair of scissors.
I got home with my $3 expenditure,
 you Know that wasn't all I spent right?!
I mean, there are projects to be made
And Christmas is right around the corner!
But I did spend $3 on the handwriting supplies.
I looked on the website
 and figured out what they do and got started.

 Lil G loves it!
 Her favorite part is writing with the waterlogged sponge.
She asks repeatedly,"water? Water?"
So I alternate from one side of the slate to the other
Wet. Dry.
I can get 15 minutes or more practice time writing one letter!
I know, it amazes me.

 yesterday I allowed enough time before ballet
 to drive over to the "used home school curriculum store"
What should be waiting on the shelf
Just for us
Shining like a beacon on a hill?
You guessed it!
More Handwriting without Tears curriculum!

My next project is to either purchase 
or make letters used on the Mat.
Last night I googled it and found this post.

In two weeks Lil G has mastered the strokes 
to make the letter E and F.
They arent perfect.

But we arent striving for perfect.
She knows what a Letter E and F look like.
I know with hard work
 and perseverance
we can do this!


  1. Yay!!! We have been doing handwriting without tears too...i just ordered the orange teacher book and the kids orange book and everything else i made myself too!!!! bc i couldnt spend that much money either!!!:)

  2. Love that you ended up finding the book! Looks like she's doing great!

  3. What hobby store did you find the chalkboard in? I looked at Michael's and they stopped carrying it about 8 months ago the gal said. I was so bummed! Hope something else might have it because I'm refusing to spend that money also. It's a great system though so I really want to start doing it too! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  4. Fantastic!! Samantha's preschool OT used HWT with her, and Sammi loved it, too. It's so hands-on, so fun, so interactive!! And you can create the shapes for building letters by tracing them onto a sturdy paper stock, if you know someone that has the set already who is willing to let you...

  5. Love to see all that you do. Keep posting your ideas!!! :)


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