Friday, October 5, 2012

Lil G's -ABCs

A- Apple. Her first signed/spoken       
               word ( after Papa)
B- Book. G loves to read a story.
     Bible. Just ordered one for the  
               visually impaired. Giant 
                print.18 point font
C- central sleep apnea- Diagnosed 
             with sleep study in August
      Cookie monster
      Congenital cataracts- The reason  
                              she is legally blind.
D- Dance. Any shoes she has on are                                    
                  her dancing shoes!
E- Epilepsy. Lil G started having 
                   seizures in June. 
                    Diagnosed 3 days later.
F- Fresh Beat Band. Loves this show 
     Family. Lil G has a family.
G- Glasses. Come to find out, she is       
           legally blind with and without   
H- Hug. Lil G loves a good hug.
     Heart. She was born with a heart 
I- Ice cream. Her favorite treat.
J- jump. Jump. Jump. She loves her trampoline!(yes, she says it 3x)
K- kick, kick kick. all things 
        swimming! (yes, she says it 3 X!)
 L- Lion. Lil G loves the Lion in the  
               wizard of Oz. 
M- Morning- she is a morning person.
     Music- she loves music ( note: see 
                   D is for dance)
     Mom- a new word. Love it! (she 
                overheard a little girl in the 
                store yelling "Mooooooom" 
N- Nemo, don't even get me started. 
                 her favorite movie.
      Nap-  (see above: Central sleep    
            apnea.) G sleeps 12 hrs at    
             night AND a 2-3 hour nap.
                 She Asks for a nap
O- OPEN! What she yells when any 
           point of entry is closed that she 
               believes needs to be OPEN!
     Olivia-  one episode a day.
P-  Purple, Lil G's favorite color.
      Para sus ninos- "for His Children"        
                         name of her first home
Q - Quilt, one of her favorite    
                 treasures from Ecuador.
 R- Rainbow, her favorite signing time
                     Her favorite garment- 
           rainbow scarf knit by big sister
S- strabismus-  eye condition. she 
        now wears a  patch 2 hours/ day.
   Spaghetti, a favorite meal. Will   
                 ask for it by name/sign.
      Swim, loves "swimindapoo" 

T- Teeth. Lil G has two teeth fused   
           together and is actually    
             missing  two adult teeth. 
U- Up! How she asks to be held.
V- Vision Impaired,  I had no idea! 
                   20/200 with her 
W- water, she loves the water. (see  
                  above s:swim)
     Whale, she actually speaks   
                 whale. see N for Nemo.
X- marks the spot she has stolen in our heart!
Y- Yogurt- eaten twice a day with her medicine sprinkled in.
Z-  make two zs in the air with your pointer and middle finger -   
     ASL for Pizza! You got it! A favorite!

Now I know my A B Cs
Next time won't you sing with me?!


  1. Love the sweet photos! This is such a wonderful post. Any shoes she has on are her dancing shoes... that is so great! Makes me smile at the thought! :)

  2. Beautiful blog! Thank you for your sweet comment on mine. It's nice to connect with a fellow special needs family in the adoption community! Lil G is beautiful and I love your joy in her :)

  3. We love Miss G, you know that right? She is just so incredible and such a blessing and sometimes, I cannot believe, your journey with her and TO her, to arrive at this day.

    Some great posts from you already this month my friend. Looking forward to more. And me, just don't have it in me this year. Oh well, there is always next October.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Heather, it gets harder and harder with each post. Trying to keep it real and original! Hugs.

  4. Words cannot express the beauty that is seen in this post.

  5. This is so beautiful and so is she! Thank you for sharing this with us.


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