Monday, April 19, 2010

Adoption Update- Crazy Love

Been sharing pictures of our sweet little G lately. I am wondering if she is singing "head and shoulders knees and toes" here? She is getting to be such a big girl!
Paul and I started this adventure before I'd ever heard of "Crazy love" by Francis Chan. My youth leader has ordered a few books and Im supposed to be on his list. My friend Linny has been blogging about crazy love in real life. Loving others as Christ would in "crazy " kinds of ways. I posted last time she asked us to link to our blogs and tell our prayer requests. Now she is wanting us to list our prayer needs again, updated versions.
So here goes:

Our travel to Ecuador to bring home sweet little G hinges on many things. If you arent familiar to the adoption paper pregnancy we still have a little bit of that left. After 18 months I am ready for "gotcha day"!

  • Immigrations approval. If youve been following the saga our immigration paperwork expired while awaiting Ecuador to sign of on the "matching letter". Our dossier was "matched" with G a year ago so it has been so frustrating to wait a year for this simple letter. It was finally done in March and sent to immigrations with the appropriate fees. Saturday we recieved notification from immigration and it wasnt anything I ever expected to read. I cant share details until I unerstand what it means. I just dont want to sound the alarm until I know we need to. PLEASE pray this wasnt an accident and in fact was very very good news. Our immigrations officer is checking into it as we I type. ;)

  • Accomodations. We are working this out too. We had several options offered to us when we found out that our missionary friends wouldnt be able to have us the whole time. I keep trusting that God wasnt surprised. Our adoption agency is checking into a bed and breakfast on the same road as the Orphanage. This hadnt been an option because of the per person rate I was given. But it seems that their monthly rates are do-able. Please pray they have room for us. (we had heard a Dr rented his house out on that street. But were informed there is another adoptive family living there now.) I also have an option to stay at a hostel across town- will need to ride in a taxi each day to visit G at the orphanage.

  • Airline tickets and costs. We will end up needing 4 round trip and one one way! Frequent flyer miles with Delta are an option and we are seeing what the details to have them donated and such.

  • Finances, finances, finances.

There you have it! God has been faithful and I trust that He has a plan.

Under His wings,


Psam 17: 8 Keep me as the apple of your eye, Hide me under the shodow of your wings


  1. I am so glad I "visited" your blog today! Little "G" is adorable!!!! I looked back at the other pics too! :)

    You are so close! I am praying for you! It is past time our little ones were home huh?!

  2. PRAYING FOR ALL OF THOSE....God isn't surprised and will supply what you need!

  3. Prayers for blessings beyond belief.


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