Friday, April 16, 2010

To my friends

I read this,
from the front of a womens greeting card
and it touched me deeply.

There’s nothing like my women friends
launching straight into
matters of the heart and soul
the moment
we’re alone.
We use tears,
laughter and wisdom
to cross entire
universes in moments,
always arriving back
to where we
started -
but never arriving home
completely the same.

Theres nothing like having women in your life.
All ages shapes and sizes.
its like they each have a different key to enter in.
A different door.
I really appreciate each one and the tender ways they have held my hand
and walked beside me.
I love you.

Under His wings,


  1. What a beautiful poem - thank you for sharing my friend...xo

  2. I really like that poem as well. It's funny...last night I heard about a mylar baloon taken to a male friend of mine at the hospital -- plain gray with the message "get well old man" written in black sharpie (THIS is a "MAN'S" girls, on the contrary, like beauty and poetry and sentiment. Thanks for the remain in my prayers friend.


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