Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Immigrations update

Well I hinted that we had heard from immigrations and we were praying that it was very good news.
Let me tell the story,
On Saturday Husband brought the mail in to find a letter from Immigrations. Huh. Werent expecting anything. Opened it to see that they returned the check. Stapled to a letter. Blah blah blah something about not needing the fees because the paperwork had already been done. OH Ok. Cool. Maybe we misunderstood. Maybe we dont have to pay the fees again! YAY GOD!
So I call immigrations officer first thing Monday AM and she said, in all seriousness,"Oh dear God." While I was reading the note to her I noticed in small print in the top corner. Rejection Notice. So I thought, well yeah, they are rejecting payment. Our immigrations officer said she had someone "in the know" at the Lock box that she could call to poke around.
Speed forward to this morning.

Guess what, It wasnt a rejection notice for just the returned check.
They rejected our second application.
She didnt understnad why they just mailed the check but we would have to wait for the packet of all the important forms to be sent back to re-do page three where #4 needed to be changed from a no to yes. then making number five a no. GOOD GRIEF. She said she asked them to rush the packet to us and gave me the e-mail address and told me to start letting them know we were waiting. It could take 3-4 weeks to get it back. So after talking a bit she said," no, print out a whole new application, all new copies of papers from Ecuador, translations, you name it." The whole kit and caboodle. for the third time! (well the first time was missing the matching letter but that was all they needed for approval and she said that was all they needed but to send the whole thing again so she wouldnt have to send for the document in the archives..... just dont get it)
I called and talked to our adoption agency dir and told her the story.
Really, I had no idea we were really rejected. the thought never crossed my mind.
So that timeframe Ive been talking about. It wont start until tomorrow.
Adoption agency dir was able to re-do everything in record time and get it Fed-Exed this evening.

The lockbox will have our papers for seven to ten days.
Then it goes to our immigrations officer.
I really thought it was uphill from here........ what two weeks ago?

If this is a test
I hope I am passing it with flying colors.
No tears , no whining.
Ive encouraged the adoption agency Dir.
and my husband.
God knows whats best.
None of this is a surprise.

Under His wings,


  1. Oh Anna, I would be a nervous wreck. You are handling this very well. Hope things fly through this time.

  2. PRAYING YOU THROUGH THIS.....stepping stone to your daughter....and yes you get bonus points for not having a meltdown in my books!!!!!

  3. First,I LOVE the picture below.Just love it!

    Second,you are passing,and beautifully at that!

    Patiently waiting with you.


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