Thursday, April 22, 2010

Helpful links and advice

This morning I have been tinking around and looking for more helps for facilitating communication with "little G" I want some pointers if you have any. (I am sure you know how much time can be lost when wandering around the web and looking for something that you know you "need" but just dont have the name for! ha ha!) So in my time of searching I found what I think I need and was going to share with Yall and see what you think and you might have been "needing" it all along or know of someone else that has been looking for this too.......

"little G" comprehends and if she speaks at all she will be speaking in Spanish. Makes sense right? Well we add the dynamics of Down Syndrome in there and it will make things a little interesting. I have heard great reviews about signing time videos and havent brought myself to spending the money yet. I also wanted comminication devices to facilitate communication when we are at a loss for words. My sister gave me these(simple TREND flashcards) and I like that they have spanish versions like this. I found this site.I was thinking about getting a few sets with the real pics and love this companies version being that I am an artist and all. But money is an issue. I also love Timberdoodle and have done business with them for a LONG time. Back when we first started homeschooling. Paper catalogues and all....... they have sign language resources. I love the sign tape/ stickers. I read about this company (love and learning ) and they might be helpful to have in the future. Then Frankling has this translator that I thought might come in handy. Someone also reccomended a phrase book to take.......

I was thinking next to the closet in her room I could laminate the cards with shoes, pants, dress, etc and even toys to hang for us to point to as we sign?/ say the name in spanish and English. Do the same on the fridge for feeding communication. Maybe one in the bathroom for brush teeth, go potty, take a bath, etc.

If you were adopting a 4 year old from Ecuador, comprehending Spanish but not speaking much, diagnosed with Down Syndrome...... what would you do?

Hope you enjoy my links and Will keep you posted!

Under His wings,

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  1. hi

    i think i would do what you're doing - sign language and flash cards. do you speak some spanish? it'd be easy to pick up a little. it's going to be hard for her to adjust.

    i'm wondering if there is Early Childhood Development nearby. you could call and ask if they've got someone there who speaks spanish - they might have advice. i do speak spanish, but i'm sure we live too far apart for that.

    little G sounds adorable. i hope she can come home soon


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