Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smiley face suitcase revisited

Ive talked about the smiley face suitcase that I bought at the thrift store and thought it would be fun to share what is in it to go to Ecuador with us next month. For some reason I added one more dress and now it wont zip.
Gee, I wonder why........Really, all that was in that suitase until I pulled it out to take pics......
Mind you, I havent weighed it yet and have a feeling it may exceed the airline weight limits for carry on. You will laugh when you see what is in it. Kinda funny. (I still have a few more things to add too!) Once I find out her shoe size I will take some of the shoes out and as I said, once I weigh it I have a feeling I will need to start taking things out to make weight..... Three church type dresses with tops..........

Here below is my sisters Gymboree splurge for her new niece using saved up gymbucks. (she also bought all of the beautiful things from Japan.) These were bought this time last year and we are pretty sure given the sizing on Gymboree they will still fit! YAY! 5 pr. leggings, 9 matching tops, three pair socks and with misc below I have 3 hairbows.Above you can see the beautiful smocked dress for court day and a sweet white sweater wth pearls and sweet eyelet details.
This below is the Misc things we will need. Left to right: Maws hip carrier, hairbands, anti-nausea wrist bands, Dora travel cup with two apron style bibs, Ikea waterproof mattress pad, Bar of Johnsons baby soap- not liquid so perfect for travel!,Next to the sippy cut is a Japenese Lunchbox, Erba Organics baby travel set and Johnsons no tears shampoo travel size, toothbrush from Japan, Gymboree hair stuff to match outfits, handheld light up toy and bendable toy for airplane entertainment, blue mini flashlight,(the two light up toys are perfect because of her eyesight.) diaper rash ointment and drawstring backpack.

Not listed in those pics you will see in the first picture we also have a handknit red poncho with hat and socks. 3 pr Japanese pjs- these are so great because they have gussets in the bottoms which will make the hiney roomier for cloth diapering! 4 cotton play dresses......

Theres a beachball , Hello Kitty rain poncho from Japan, Gund baby doll, stuffed Dora, Boots and a Bunny. A dora Hooded towel. (stuffed toys al gifts from my knitting friends) I took pics of the shoes. (but had too many pics for one post)Right now there are 4 pair in the suitcase. Once we get exact measurements I will be able to take a few out. I have black patton and white patton dressies, 1 pr tennis shoes and 1 pr Robeez soft leather slip on shoes. Besides the Gymboree socks I have 6 pr white to mix and match.

If you knew hw much of these great things were gifts and how God has proven time and time again how much he cares about little G..... well I am so blessed to be a small part of something beautiful.

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  1. I am just over the moon excited that you get to open the suitcase & pack it again, and weigh it, and repack :)!!!!!!!! YEAH!!! I love it :)


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