Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a review or two......

Im sorry to interrupt the general blogging going on here but this is a necessity.

I have been doing book reviews for Bethany Publishers and need to post on my blog and a book store on the internet- Amazon is my choice. I read these books over the past month or so and have needed to type up the reviews..... put it off until it cant wait any longer. Just like me! ha ha!

"Not a Sparrow Falls" by Linda Nichols. This story was a quick and delightful read. I loved the plot and was pleasantly surprised that I was surprised at the ending. I get frustrated when I can read into the story and it doesnt keep me guessing. Some peeps share a bit about the story when they review them but I just hate to spoil it. I will let you know that the characters and their struggles are very real and if you have someone that is a non-believer that loves to read this might touch a soft spot. (The main character is running from her past and was involved with dealing drugs. ) Since I have never been involved in situations such as this I dont know how reaslistic those scenes are but I do know that any temptation or sin can pound at your door no matter who you are or where you live. I thank Bethany house for sending me the copy to review and want you to know that this did not influence my review in any way.

"Never say Never" by Lisa Wingate was the next book. Let me tell you I spent many a night reading this one by flashlight. We replaced the bulb in the bedside table and its too bright. ( I need to add that to my grocery list!) This book was filled with delightful -isms and quotes that just kept me giggling. (some of the characters are a hoot!) Ive only visited Texas twice and if the roads between here and there were better kept I would have to plunder around a bit more.... I hear the bluebonnets are blooming right now and I have never seen such sights in real life. The main character is running from a hurricane. let me tell you I understand her plight all too well. I ran from Ivan, Dennis and cant remember if I ran from Katrina too...... Seems like theres one more I am forgetting. There is nothing like packing up the little bit you can fit in your auto/truck along with your animals and childen and wondering what you will find when you come home. Then to watch in horror on the news when you see the devastation. When we returned from Ivan many many of us went through a PSD. Dont tell me we didnt. When you hear your strong stoic husband numbly repeat,"Its just so bad. I want you to come home but its just so bad." Well, I wont get into that. But this book brought back memories of that, meeting people as you limped along and learning to allow others to help you........ This story was FAB! I was sad to see it end but see on the cover that there are more about Daily Texas. (let me add there was a little romance too which was so sweet.) I cant wait to share this book with my mother and then donate to the church library!

My favorite quote/paragraph from the book was found on the last page,
After a lifetime of wandering, of seeking and failing, I finally understood the meaning of the word.
Home isnt a place,
a structure you create
from wood
or bricks
or mortar,
building the walls high and strong,
to keep out the storms of life.
Home is in the things you carry with you,
the trasures of the heart, like Gils bible,
or the memories of a family baseball game on a sunny summer day,
or the feeling of singing "I'll fly away" in an old abandoned church as the storm passes over.
It is a dwelling place you share with the people who matter the most,
a refuge in which youre never alone.
The Builder is always nearby,
tearing down old walls
and adding new rooms,
repairing the dmage of wind and weather,
filling empty spaces with new gifts.
Gifts beautiful and mysterious and unexpected.
Like all beautiful gifts,
a surprise to everyone
but the Giver,
who seeks us in our hidden places
and beckons us home from our wanderings.
Who knows that nothing adrift is meant to stay adrift forever."

Thank you Bethany publishers for the copy of this book for review purposes.... do I need to tell you again that the reciept of the book didnt influence my opinion??

Well this was a nice break from weeding my garden.
Its amazing how they will take over.
The garden looks like I felt for about 6 months.
I am so thankful that Spring is here,
Easter..... hope.
Looking forward to Mothers day..... and fathers day! ;) wink wink........

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  1. Wow, what a powerful quote! Love the image of the "Builder". I think I might need to pick this book up. Thanks for the review!
    Praying your angel home,


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