Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New park in Tx

I havent read everything on the webpage but this place seems like it would be a great place to add in your trip plans if you should happen to be in the area. I just heard about it and wanted to get the word out to my special friends.

Uner His wings,

:) thought Id edit this post with a PS. Our adoption agency dir was able to get package Fedexed yesterday! I might add she saw the fed ex truck coming down the road and risking life and limb "crossed 5 lanes of traffic like a crazy woman" (her words not mine) to get it there just in the nick of time. I forget the comment of the Fed Ex driver but I need to ask because it was priceless.
I need to add to the drama....... She had it packed up and was walking down sidewalk to the car and realized shed forgotten the check.(praise GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE she remembered!!) had to open it, write check and enclose and re-do the envelope!
My immigrations officer has been so sweet. I pray I have been an encouragement to her.She commented that they say "third times a charm...." She asked if we would send a family photo for her office. ;) I just cant wait to hold my sweet little G for the first time. I am crying........ my arms and heart long/yearn for her.

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