Monday, April 26, 2010

April 25th

I just had to share how special this day is to me.

How dear it is to my heart.

This day....

twenty two years ago.....

I became a mother.

My heart beats differently now.

I am talking about a love that is like none other.

My blonde haired blue eyed angel.

She is a woman now

and I love her even more now

than I did that day.

I didnt know what the future held

as I gazed into those eyes

that beautiful Spring day.

But when I gaze into them now I see such hope and a future......

She is self confindent and creative.

She has a love for the Lord that runs deep.

She loves people and strives to high standards.

I want to believe the best of both of us....

Her father and I.
She has his ability to motivate and think on her toes.

She graduated high school with her AA degree-

Magna Cum Laude at the Junior College.

She spent her middle and high school days
dancing hours and hours each day,

helping teaching the little ones to dance.

She is one class plus a semester of student teaching away from a double degree in Elementary Ed and Special Ed.

I love you dear one......

Its been twenty two years of wonderful!

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  1. How beautiful! Come check out the award I passed onto you!


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