Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A sneak peek

here is a pictue of little G getting some new clothes from Mommy and Daddy back in February!In the picture she is wearing an Abby cadabby outfit we sent for Christmas..... is that how you say/spell it? Anyhow, you know who I mean offa Sesame street. She is new since we used to watch it all those years ago.........

She does know that Barney doesnt exist in America. ;)

4-5 weeks and counting!
Please pray we hear from our SIFAT missionary team. I am looking for other arrangements in case we dont hear back. Working on airline tickets. If you know of anyone that knows how to do Delta frequent flyer miles or that may have some they would like to donate we would love the help! We will need 4 round trip tickets and one ONE WAY!!!

We just found out we will need to take flights to guayaquil for some of the process and will need airline tickets for that too....... wasnt in my budget. I am glad to know now I suppose.

Keep praying.
God knows......
Under His wings,


  1. Chills, Anna! She is so beautiful and, in no time, she will be in your arms! Exciting!

  2. HEY!! Woohoo- you are so close! Have you tried emailing Golden Rule Travel? They are wonderful and so helpful to adoptive families. I think our travel agent was "Edwin". I'll check and send you an email.
    Your girl is BEAUTIFUL!!
    In Him,

  3. You continue to be in my prayers. She's SO CUTE!! Many blessings.

  4. So adorable!! If I am ready to hug her, I really can't imagine what you are going through!! :)

    (I've found walking to get off those stubborn pounds works best!)

    Hugs and Blessings,
    It is sooo awesome to see God's hand at work!!


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