Thursday, March 8, 2012


"How can there be too many children?
That is like saying there are too many flowers."
-Mother Teresa

Reminds me of when we were in the process of adopting Lil G
family and friends commenting that we already had three, grown children.
that was plenty.
That isnt what God said.......

right now my commitments for lent,
the places where I fail.....
those are like places God is using to grow grace in me.
grace blossoming.......

grace- unmerited, undeserved..... favor.
"just cuz."
It is quite transforming isnt it?
(ironic isnt it, Lent and failure, grace abounding)

Instead of giving up something, to make room.
I am working on adding in something,
only 20 minutes outside,
savor the sights and sounds......
time to just be quiet.
Me and my camera.
and some grace-
with a big G and a little g..........

Under His wings,

P.S. Cant wait to show you what this time outside
is doing inside,
when I get to sit at my drafting table.
Come back and join me tomorrow for a sneak peek!


  1. Love this blog :-) Grace is such a sweet little girl! Looking forward to what you are discovering during Lent. And yes, too many children equals too many flowers, except I never knew anyone who had an allergy to children! lol

  2. We are God's garden! He prunes us so we will blosssom! Wonderful pictures!


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