Monday, March 26, 2012

A long weekend

filled with butterflies

playing in the water and sand.......

nice walks

( the dogwood petals made it look like there had been a wedding.)

It was so beautiful

(a heart on a tree)

This reminded me of my dear friend Olivia-
we lost her to a brain Aneurysm in 2007

the grist mill

it was perfect.........


  1. Beautiful photos. I love dogwood petals. :) ~Frances

  2. It looks perfect! Our dogwoods have yet to bloom .... There is always something to look forward to in Spring!

  3. Oh it does look perfect! Love it all! What a sweet reminder of your friend. We hear so often of loss because of a brain aneurysm and it is always a reminder of the blessing that my husband survived his.

  4. Some of these photos are really breathtaking... you have such a good sense of composition...xx

  5. Ahhhh, the serenity you've portrayed here is incredible. I'm envious. What a beautiful weekend you had!!!

    1. drives me crazy that the butterfly pic I posted was blurry. I hate reposting tho and filling everyones blog reader. It was just what the Dr ordered. I think we will be camping a lot the next few mos.


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