Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mission iPossible

(pretending to be a Doctor)

I will be calling hers tomorrow to start the verification process,
what for you ask?????
read below to find out........

Ive been busy.
Getting ready for an art show.
Being mommy, wife, chauffeur and chef.
Wedding planner.
You get the gist.
Burning the candle at both ends.
I returned home late this afternoon
and opened my e-mail-
there was one from
wondering if I had been to Mission iPossible today.
I clicked on over to find
that our sweet Lil G had been chosen!
Mission 4 recipient!!!!!!
It was such a surprise because they had just announced Mission 3 recipients.
Go take a peek over there and see whats going on in the neighborhood.
I already knew that since my friend Heather was part of this,
it was something good.
An organization started because of something hard,
people that were hurt turned something bad
into something good.
Putting iPads into the hands of little ones with disabilities.

I love getting good news!
I almost tremble at the thought of what this will do for Lil G.
sayingThank you seems so small.
Our hearts are very thankful tonight.

Under His wings,


  1. Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinietly more than we would ever dare to ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20.
    Dare to imagine, Anna! Love you all :).

  2. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!! I love Heather. I love that Little G has been chosen. So perfect.

    1. Becca, you have to know that this has been HARD for me. Ask my family. I have felt like we shouldnt have even applied in fears that in receiving one it would rob another child "more deserving". Ive typed notes to Heather several times and deleted them. I know she has a lot on her plate too without having to coddle and reassure me. Its en route. I know that this will be HUGE. When you add her vision problems and delays, its a big pot to stir.


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